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Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller(BUY 1 GET 2ND 10% OFF)

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Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller(BUY 1 GET 2ND 10% OFF)
Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller(BUY 1 GET 2ND 10% OFF)
Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller(BUY 1 GET 2ND 10% OFF)
Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller(BUY 1 GET 2ND 10% OFF)
Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller(BUY 1 GET 2ND 10% OFF)


(BUY 1 GET 2ND 10% OFF)
Say goodbye to cockroaches, mosquitoes, mice & any other unsanitary pests in your house or workplace. The Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller keeps pests away & creates a healthy living environment for your family.  With an ultrasonic repelling frequency of 22 - 65 KHz and an effective range of 80 - 120 Sq.m, the repeller is guaranteed to eradicate pests from day one. The device is made with eco-friendly components & is safe even for children.

  • NEWEST CHIPS TECHNOLOGY: Which is much better than normal ultrasonic pest repeller. The pest ultrasonic repeller uses newest ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves to drive away mice, rats, spiders, ants, bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, fruit flies, flea, crickets, gnats, insects, and rodents.
  • MORE SAFE FOR CHILD AND PETS: Throw away the harmful poisons, dangerous chemicals, and traps typically used in households and by insect reject technicians. Our mice repellent is 100% safe and effective. Ultrasonic sound is inaudible to humans and household pets; Environmental friendly alternative to harmful and dangerous chemicals, poisons and traps, no bad smell.
  • Wide Effective Coverage: The Insect & Rodent Repellent is effective in an indoor area up to 1600 sq. ft. It's widely used in homes, warehouses, offices, gardens, hotels, etc. We recommend you to install one for each room because the ultrasound cannot penetrate walls and solid objects. But for areas with serious pests, we suggest installing 2 or more devices for other room. They aren't effective for other rooms if you install the device in one room.
  • Easy To Use: Just plug the pest reject repellent into the socket. Please make sure to install it vertically 7-31 in away from the floor. And make sure there are no barriers like curtains or cabinets covering in front of the repellent. Most customers can see the results within 2-3 weeks! Then we can say goodbye to pest and mice!
  • Lifetime Guarantee Assurance: Our ultrasonic spider repellent is backed by our Lifetime guarantee because we want to help you get rid of those pests and we offer a money back guarantee if you can't see results within 4 weeks. Typical results can take 3-4 weeks depending on the amount of infestation.
Rated Power: 5 (W)
Power Supply Voltage: AC90~220(V)
Power Frequency: 50~60 (Hz)
Dimensions: 90*56*50(mm)
Product Effective Range: 20-50 Square Meters

Product instructions
1. This machine should be installed 20~80 cm away from the ground, and it is required to be plugged into the power socket perpendicular to the ground.
2. Do not have tall obstacles within 1 meter of the front of the product (ie, not on the back of objects such as refrigerators, wardrobes, sofas, etc.)
3. The installation point should avoid sound-absorbing materials such as carpets and curtains as much as possible to prevent the reduction of sound pressure and make the sound field smaller and affect the insect repellent effect;
4. In the first few days of use, if the activity of rats and pests is significantly increased, it is normal. Because the rats and insects that usually hide in the nest are attacked by ultrasound and electromagnetic waves, they flee their original hiding places;
5, pay attention: moisture, water;
6. Do not use strong solvents, water or a damp cloth to clean the body. Use a soft cloth dampened with some neutral detergent to clean the body;
7. Do not drop the unit or subject it to strong impact;
8, the use of ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 degrees Celsius;
9. If placed in a warehouse or item stacking place, or on a multi-room floor, put a few more machines to increase the effect.
 10. The product should be operated 24 hours a day during use. In addition, the doors and windows should be closed at night, open during the day, and the mouse will sneak away when opening the window during the day.

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